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COVID-19 procedures

1. Customer Communication

    A Contact-less Experience…
    We have always provided a self-check-in and self check-out experience, and everything the guest needs to know is emailed to them before their stay. That said, contact details for each of our hosts will be provided. All our optional extra’s are pre-booked and set up in the Holiday Home prior to your check-in to minimise contact.

    Check-out times have been moved forward to 10am and we ask that you do leave on time please or let us know if you leave earlier by texting 07974977545, this is to allow additional time between check-in and check-out times for our team to complete additional hygiene procedures.

    Website & Booking Engines

    For any customer that has a query they can be referred to our special COVID-19 page:

    On our website, in each Holiday Home listing, there is a ‘how to book’ section that outlines initial details on COVID-19 policies and procedures, plus our revised booking T&C’s.

    For the booking system, and where possible on OTA’s (Online Travel Agents) we have updated information regarding our procedures and referrals to our special COVID-19 page.

    Flexible booking policy

    For any customer that has a query they can be referred to our special COVID-19 page:

    Pre-Check-in Emails

    Additional to our existing set up of pre-check-in emails, we have added and special COVID-19 update email with an outline of our procedures and what we expect from the guest.

    In Holiday Home User-Guide…

    Normally we provide a printed Holiday Home-user guide within the Holiday Home, but to minimise the touchpoints we will now send an electronic version of the user-guide to our guests via email prior to their stay.

    We have created a special instruction sheet that can be provided in the Holiday Home. This sheet must be laminated or printed on wipeable material. It will redirect guests to the email provided with the user guide.

    Post stay communication

    After the guest has stayed with us, we normally send a referral email asking them to post a recommendation. We will also at this point ask the customer if they were happy with levels of hygiene, communication or if there is anything else that we can do to make their stay feel more safe.

    2. The Holiday Home Experience

      Food and Optional Extra’s
      Anything we handle and leave for you at the Holiday Home will be handled with the utmost care and cleanliness. Identify suppliers that also adhere to the highest hygiene standards.

      Anything utensil wise that we leave for the guest must be thoroughly cleaned before arrival. Please provide cleaning materials for the guest to wash up any items during their stay to ease any concerns.

      Cups, Cutlery and Crockery

      As part of our experience we provide a kitchen area with plates, cups, cutlery and tea/coffee making facilities. We have always given a commitment to the environment to have as much non-disposable items as possible - so we will continue to provide these items for our guests.

      Soft Furnishing and Bring your own Messaging

      Normally we would provide some soft furnishings like cushions and blankets – see the cleaning section above. We are providing messaging to guests to ‘When you are packing up to go, please bring these items from home so that you can enjoy a more cosy stay.

      Cushions and sofas will have a surface sanitiser treatment and airing before the next guest.

      You may have these upon request and they will have had appropriate cleaning.

      Clean pillow and mattress protectors will be used for each changeover.

      Bedding will be sprayed with disinfectant.

      Linen should not be shaken in case viruses are dispersed through the air.

      Normally, we provide 2 pillows, these will be minimised to one pillow per single bed and 2 pillows for the double bed.


      Air the property during the stay and to strip beds/bag up linen on departure. Bags will be supplied to guests for this request.

      This is to minimise contact areas and reduce the risk of spread of the virus.

      Towels, bathmats, tea towels and any other removable linen, the same applies as above put in ag provided. Where possible remove bathmats.

      Feel free to bring your own cups, plates and cutlery if you prefer.

      3. You (the Host), Staff or Your Guest is Unwell

        Social Distancing

        We are asking our guests to also please adhere to social distance guidelines as outlined by the Government and Public Health Agencies.

        “Our continued adherence to handwashing/sanitising practices and social distancing etiquettes are of vital importance. Please be mindful of yourself and other guests.

        Hand sanitiser has been provided for you in your Holiday Home, as well as general cleaning products for your convenience. Hand sanitiser units are also available for your convenience in areas where appropriate.”

        If a Guest is Unwell Prior to Stay:

        The communication to the guest is as follows:

        If you or a member of your party feel unwell, please do not travel to the Holiday Home site. Should you develop a new and persistent cough and/or a fever prior to your arrival, we ask that you do not attempt to travel. Let us know, and we will offer you the option of changing the date or a refund as per our new flexible booking policies (see above).

        What to do if a guest develops or arrives with COVID-19 symptoms

        If guests arrive at your property with symptoms of COVID-19 they should be advised to return home (where possible) and/or self-isolate in accordance with current Government guidance.

        If guests have acute breathing difficulties call 999. If anyone staying in the property contracts the virus they need to immediately inform their host who can inform of the next steps to be taken.

        If a guest has developed symptoms during the stay at your property, they must declare it when leaving.

        Steps that should be taken on hearing of an infection:

        • If the site has a communal keypad entrance or any other communal areas, a fully protected housekeeper (gloves & apron) should attend as soon as possible and use disposable materials to wipe down all door handles, entrance systems etc and minimise risk of spread to neighbours.
        • Once a Holiday Home is vacated post infection, appropriate cleaning procedures should be followed, as per these guidelines.

        As before, if you feel unwell please contact your own GP or call 111 to take advice. Please also let know so that we can support you to safely secure the Holiday Home site and deep clean the Holiday Homes and area.